Characteristics of pipes and fittings

Characteristics of pipes and fittings:

Internal diameters: 50-1000 mm

Length up to 9000 m

Operating pressure - from-1,0 to +20,0 Mpa

Temperature of a transported medium - up to +150

Pipe structure:

external layer fibreglass on the basis of modified epoxy resins

internal layer polyethylene, polypropylene, fluoroplastic, duroplastics, elastomers

Jointing systems


o Flanged

o Threaded

o Collar and sleeve

o Clutch

o Elbow


o Glued

o Glued and mechanical (with welding)

Ways of laying-out:




Transported goods:

Pulp, mud, sand, dust

Acid and alkaline solutions


Industrial plum, sewage (water drain)

Water-oil-gas emulsions

Oil products

Associated petroleum gas

Natural gas

Cold and hot water of domestic water supply

Methane and other inflammable gases

Combustible and fire-resistant liquids

Other products

Fields of application:

Chemistry, petrochemistry

Oil-producing and petrochemical industries

Mining and processing industries

Chemical industry

Nonferrous metallurgy

Power engineering



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